iConnect 2-Way

iConnect 2-Way is a powerful and streamlined 2-way wireless intrusion system, designed for the residential and small commercial markets.

Connection to the cloud-based ELAS server enables users to remotely control their iConnect 2-Way systems through the myELAS app (also available via web browser). Visual verification is also supported with the purchase of a PIR camera detector enabling users to view images on demand of their homes or businesses directly from their smartphones, allowing them to feel totally in control at all times. Users will receive email/ SMS/ voice notifications in the event of an alarm, and can also arm or disarm their iConnect 2-Way systems remotely.

iConnect 2-Way supports GPRS with GSM and IP as backup or IP andPSTN as backup, and can be remotely configured saving installers time and hassle. A wide range of 2-way detectors and accessories can be used with the system.


Technical Specifications

  • 2-Way Wireless RF technology
  • 32 2-Way wireless zones
  • IP/GPRS/GSM or IP/PSTN communication modules
  • Event reporting – IP/GPRS with GSM backup (Voice or SMS SIA/CID)
  • Visual verification with PIR Cameras
  • Up to eight PIR Cameras
  • Email/SMS/voice event notifications to end users
  • Programmable output for wired siren
  • Up to 2 optional wired zone expanders for an additional 8 & 16 wired zones
  • USB connector for local PC programming
  • Wieless LCD programming keypad
  • Up to 19 wireless keyfobs
  • Advanced remote management features for users – Web and smartphone applications
  • Remote programming, firmware updates and maintenance
  • All in one – all system components and essential features in one small box
  • Complies with EN-50131-3 Grade 2 Class II
  • Plug and Play – no need for router configuration
  • Frequency options: 868, 433MHz

For more information, we are available via telephone on 0151 630 0000. You can also email us for assistance or purchasing information here.

  • 2-Way Outdoor PIR Detector

    2-Way Outdoor PIR Detector

    The 2-Way Outdoor PIR Detector has a robust design incorporating two PIR channels that cross-check their target signals to eliminate false alarms while providing high catch performance.

  • 2-Way Wireless CO Detector

    2-Way Wireless CO Detector

    The 2-Way Wireless CO Detector detects and monitors the build-up of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in residential and commercial environments.

  • 2-Way PIR/PET Camera

    2-Way PIR/PET Camera

    The 2-way wireless PIR detector incorporates three state-of-the-art technologies: PIR motion detection, CMOS imaging technology and two-way wireless communication.

  • 2-Way Wireless LCD Keypad

    2-Way Wireless LCD Keypad

    The 2-way Wireless LCD keypad is a modern, streamlined keypad that enables users to remotely control and operate their iConnect 2-Way security systems.

  • 2-Way Wireless Rectangular Siren

    2-Way Wireless Rectangular Siren

    The two-way wireless rectangular siren, EL4726R is designed to extend the signalling capabilities of the security system outside the protected area in any outdoor environment.

  • 2-Way Wireless Round Multi-Function Keyfob

    2-Way Wireless Keyfob

    The 2-Way Wireless Round Multi-Function keyfob provides an easy and convenient way to control your iConnect 2-Way security system.

  • 2-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

    2-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

    The 2-Way Wireless Smoke Detector is a photoelectric detector that is ceiling mounted and designed for indoor residential environments.

  • 2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector

    2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector

    The 2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector senses low-amplitude vibrations around vulnerable access points, setting off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises.

  • 2-Way Dual Zone Magnetic and Universal Transmitter

    2-Way Wireless Dual Zone Magnetic

    The 2-Way Dual Zone Magnetic and Universal Transmitter is a compact magnetic device that detects door and window intrusion.

  • Wireless Gas Detector

    Wireless Gas Detector

    The Wireless Gas Detector detects the build-up of cooking and heating gases including butane, propane and methane (Natural Gas) which may signify a leak and potential danger.

  • 2-Way Wireless Input/Output Expander

    2-Way Wireless I/O Expander

    The 2-Way Wireless Input/Output Expander is an extension module enabling wired devices to be connected to the iConnect 2-Way Control System.

  • 2-Way Wireless Flood Detector

    2-Way Wireless Flood Detector

    The 2-Way Wireless Flood Detector uses micro-controller based signal processing to provide early warning of water leaks.

  • 2-Way Wireless PIR/PET Detector

    2-Way Wireless PIR/PET Detector

    This 2-way motion detector’s sleek design houses a smart detector which incorporates a low-current microprocessor, enabling it to distinguish between false alarms and intruders.

  • 2-Way Wireless Amber Triangle Siren

    2-Way Wireless Amber

    The 2-way wireless amber triangle external siren, EL4726T is designed to extend the signalling capabilities of the security system outside the protected area in any outdoor environment.

  • 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

    2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

    The 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren is an aesthetically designed, fully wireless unit designed for residential applications.

  • 2-Way Emergency Keyfob

    2-Way Emergency Keyfob

    The 2-Way Emergency Keyfob is designed for crisis notification and emergency calls.

  • 2-Way Wireless Repeater

    2-Way Wireless Repeater

    The 2-way Wireless Repeater is designed to extend the range of wireless devices registered to the iConnect 2-Way control system.

  • 2-Way Universal Transmitter

    2-Way Universal Transmitter

    The 2-Way Universal Transmitter is used for connecting a variety of peripherals to the control system.

  • 2-Way Wireless Magnetic Door Contact

    Wireless Magnetic Door Contact

    The Wireless Magnetic Door Contact detects door and window intrusion.